Better Health Through Holistic Remedies

Our Vision

Our vision is to change how people think about health & healing, reclaim herbal medicine, whole foods and natural nutrition as the simple, safe, primary care that it is; a gift from a God who loves us and provided an Earth to restore us naturally.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to be able help people find the cause of the illness or issues that are causing their symptoms and help to heal the actual disease or problem not just mask the problem by easing the symptoms.

We have a desire to help people to improve their quality of life through knowledge and holistic natural products and practices.

We will provide education about the importance of lifestyle, provide an ear to listen, provide resources to other natural practitioners or companies that can provide the things we cannot.

Eden and Eve have a heart to reach people when all hope seems lost, when the medical world has no remedy we want to look further. We provide products that will address certain health issues or concerns and then if we see that we ourselves do not have the needed herb, service or the products we are blessed to work with many well-known and educated individuals that are able to help when we cannot.

It is absolutely impossible to have products or abilities to address every situation and disease out there. That is why we are so passionate about taking the time to research companies out there that can provide the products we do not manufacture but need for our clients.

We have homeopaths, doctors who believe in the holistic practices and are able to combine both western and eastern medicine using both practices to treat the whole person. We work with counselors, yoga instructors, nutritionists and individuals who have a love for people, for health and for the natural ways.

We are here to help people realize how important it is to use natural products, how fantastic they can work, how life can change in so many ways by just being conscious of how you are taking care of yourself and the environment itself.

Dara Eden Collison

Eden has been a certified herbalist since 2004 when she received her certification from Herb Corner and Learning Center in Melbourne, Florida.

She has been an avid proponent of holistic health and naturopathy since she began studying holistic health in her early twenties. She is dedicated to helping individuals obtain and maintain health through herbs and healthy living.

Eden has worked with day spas, physicians and clients to find effective ways of managing conditions without the negative side effects of medication.

Rebecca Eve Hall

Eve has been in the health care field for 15 years and has been studying herb use for food, medicine and alternative treatments since 1999. Eve is a firm believer in the body’s ability to heal itself through a holistic and natural approach. Her passion is helping others find alternatives to the traditional western medicine approach to common health issues by using herbal and natural remedies.

She is an advocate for healthy, whole foods, stressing their importance in maintaining overall good health and learning your body’s way of healing itself.