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Our Immunity boosting formula has so many benefits, it’s hard to imagine anyone (other than pregnant women and infants) who wouldn’t want to add it to their daily nutrition regimen.  Rich in vitamins, minerals, and adaptagenic herbs, this supplement helps fight stress, aids the body in healing, and boosts the body’s natural immune responses.


Ashwagandha – Over half the population are stressed.  Stress weakens our body’s T-cells and weakens the immune system, making us more susceptible to virus and bacterial infection.  This adaptagenic herb, helps your body manage stress, lowering cortisol. Boosts brain function. Used for thousands of years to decrease stress and increase energy levels.  Also being studied for anti-cancer properties.

Astragalus – Helps increase production of interferon which helps immune system function, preventative and defensive properties, used to treat Epstein-Barr and chronic cough.

Echinacea – Fights against chemical toxic poisoning, stabilizes white blood cell count, stimulates production of interferon and other immune activators. Antiviral, adaptagenic herb.  High in antioxidants vitamins A,C, and E. Blood purifier, immune booster.

Elderberry – Good for lung function,

Myrrh – high in zinc, anti-microbial, cleaning and healing agents.

Oregon Grape Root – High in berberine alkaloid derivative.  Antimicrobial, immune booster, antiparasitic. Commonly used as a sustainable replacement for goldenseal.  Useful in treating throat, intestinal, and urinary tract infections. Not recommended for pregnant people or babies.

Osha Root – Can be applied directly to skin or taken internally. Effective for viral conditions; works extremely well for cold, flu, pneumonia. Most beneficial for acute respiratory infections; protects lung tissue.  Helps clear mucus from sinuses.

Reishi Mushroom – Polysaccharides are able to stimulate immune response from bacterial diseases.

Thyme – Has been used for centuries as an antiseptic, antiviral, anti-bacterial, and parasiticide.

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